Thank you for your interest in my work. I am pleased to share my love, studies and experience with you and your family.

For the past few years, I have been on a path of learning, consulting, and supporting birth and the revolution of motherhood. This has been through maternal care, babywearing, massage, body-mind connection, psychology and various release and shift techniques for body, mind, and soul during pregnancy and birth. Finding my purpose and following this inner calling now allows me to share holistic and nearly forgotten knowledge about the female body’s capabilities and indescribable power that lies within us.

I’m a BiA Doula, ClauWi® babywearing instructor, and Level 2 masseuse based in Hamburg, but mainly I am a mother that will spend life time bringing birth and motherhood back to its well-deserved light and beauty.

My purpose is to help you start your journey into parenthood with the confidence, strength, mindfulness and the sense of feeling grounded.
As a mother I offer you my empathy, personal power and the community of other inspiring woman I was blessed to meet on my journey.

The misinformation out there about what birth really is all about puts a shadow on the fact that it can make a woman grounded and stronger. It really does matter how we come in to this world and it matters how we bring life into this world – it reflects on our relationships, bonding with our closest once and sense of unity in our family and our community. It reflects on the world we create and live in.

Birth is a miracle that can make a woman more beautiful and take her into a new place of love and mindfulness. My purpose is to help women know this exists and be there for them on their path to this place.

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