MEET A DOULA Sept.9 10.30-12.00

Pregnancy, birth and motherhood can be a time of amazing wonder, while at the same time being one of the most challenging life-altering experiences women ever go through. We feel that working with women in this very special chapter of their life, bringing them reassurance and comfort, is extremely rewarding.

What could a doula do for you?

Together with Hamburger Doulas, I invite you to ask us your questions.

Our specializations include acupressure, hypnobirthing, aroma therapy, lactation, babywearing and massages. Each of us may have a different specialty, but all of us have one common purpose: To be there for women from all walks of life, as they travel on the most empowering journey of their lives.

We invite you to come meet us, and find out more about us! We’d like to explain to you why other women have reached out to us, how we work, and why Doulas are scientifically proven to make a difference. Come and get to know us, the Doulas of Hamburg. We will give you answers, and our assistance.



September 9, 10.30- 12.00

Lillebror – Familien- & Kinderkurspraxis

Rothenbaumchaussee 5
Hamburg, Germany